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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lipofirm Pro a safe treatment?

The Lipofirm Pro device has undergone stringent safety tests and has been certified as a machine safely delivering treatments on the face and body since 2015. In addition, it is an approved medical device used by doctors, health professionals and aesthetics practitioners in the UK and Europe.

Is the treatment pain-free?

There is no actual pain from the treatment, however, you may experience some prickling sensations and feel the heat generated. These sensations are subjective and felt according to your body sensitivity.

Will there be any after-effects?

You should not experience any side-effects following treatment. You will see some redness in the treatment area due to the heat, however, this will disappear within a short time. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water to help your body’s lymphatic system to eliminate the fluids activated during your treatment. This will happen naturally.

How many treatments will I need?

It’s possible to see an effect from the first treatment. For long-term and better results, it’s recommended to have a course a treatments. The number will depend on the results you wish to achieve, however, between 4-8 treatments will give great results.

How long does a treatment take?

The minimum treatment time is 30 minutes for one area, for example, both sides of the face, both sides of the stomach or both thighs. You may have longer time treatments. Please see the treatment times and prices page.

How can I pay for a course of treatments?

We do require payment in advance for all treatments, therefore, when booking a course it will be necessary to make payment for all the treatments and book all the appointments. We offer a further 10% discount for bookings that are all made in advance.

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